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This clearly contradicts the witness' testimony!

This fic sucks, and I can prove it!
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Ever find yourself reading a fanfic where the characters are so OOC you want to shout "OBJECTION!!" at your computer screen? What about a fic that is so poorly written and full of grammar mistakes you want to yell "TAKE THAT!" and shove a writing manual in the author's face?

We have too. Don't worry.

For those in the Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban fandom, we're sure the increase in, well, badfic hasn't been going unnoticed. Don't worry. At obsporktion, we're committed to finding those badfic and sporking the hell out of them. We are quite open to anyone and everyone who is a fan of PW/GS to enjoy a good spork, so feel free to join the community! However, we do ask you to follow a few rules, because rules, although annoying, make everyone's time in communities better.

Do not be an asshat
Don't copy the whole fic when you spork.
When sporking, make sure that, if you choose to do so, the characters that do the sporking are IC. Otherwise, you will no doubt look like an idiot.
Don't let this community become the fandom's first appearance on fandom_wank. Please.
Don't spork a fic simply because you hate the pairing.
If your fic ends up here, then no hard feelings, mmkay? Everyone has their bad fanfic days. We didn't start the comm to insult people specifically. Just badfic. Yeah. It's nothing personal. We love the sinner, hate the sin, and that sort of thing.

Now that the rules are over with, onto the information you really care about: how to post a spork!

Title: Rather self explanatory.
Author: Author's name. If an LJ user, please do not use their journal name, and instead a nickname/penname. Also, you're welcome to just disclude this altogether. We do not want fandom wanks, plz.
Rating: Using the various sprites we offer here put a "rating" on the fanfic you're sporking.
Warnings: What this fanfic includes that makes it so bad. i.e.: Sex/raep, rampant OOC, bad crossovers, etc etc. Also, if it includes anything that is inappropriate for a certain age group.
Sample: The sporking, under an LJ cut please. If you aren't sure of how to do an LJ cut, please look here.

Any other questions, please ask here at the FAQ post. :) Thanks, and enjoy your sporking.
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