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September 2007



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leadengine in obsporktion


SUP. This is the obsporktion FAQ, where we mods (leadengine and random_prophet) will answer any and all questions you may have about the community, sporking, and more. If we don't answer one of you questions, feel free to post and we will try and answer it the best we can. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sporking?
(Taken from kingdom_spork)
"Sporking is the practice of laughing at bad fanfiction, normally by inserting comments into the flow of the fanfic in question. It is done purely for entertainment value and as a way of relieving the stress of reading bad fanfiction."

I'm interested in sporking a fanfic, but I'm unsure how to start.
Sweeeet, we're always up for a new sporker! Take a look around the community for examples on different sporking styles and read the FAQ to get a feel for it. Alternatively, if you feel like you know what to do already, just follow the posting format on the userinfo of the community and get started!

Where can I find older sporkings?
We've compiled a list of all the sporkings here.

How are you tagging the sporkings in this community?
It's quite simple really. Each fic is tagged with the sporker's name and the author's name, first and formost. This makes for easy browsing if you want to find fics sporked by a specific person or sporked fics by a specific author. After that, there are a variety of tags placed on the fic. These include:

One shot
Canon abuse
Mary sue

And many others. If you would like a new tag, please request it on the fic you're sporking or make a request here on this post.

Where are those nifty sprites you use for the rating?
Ran uploaded them to her photobucket here!

How do you LJ cut?
Take a look here.

Can I make sporking requests?
Yep! Just make a post on the community requesting/offering a fic to be sporked and someone will, hopefully, agree. :)

(the final FAQ are taken from kingdom_spork because I really couldn't have said these any better than they do.)

Hey! You sporked my fic/my friend's fic!
You're right. We did.

I want you to take this sporking down!
Unless the sporking in question violates the community rules, then I see no reason to remove it. If the sporking is a multipart one and you would like it to be stopped, then you may politely request the sporker to stop, but if they do or not is their decision.

You can't spork my fic without my permission!
Actually, yes we can. When you post fanfiction on the internet, it becomes public domain and can be reviewed and reproduced so long as it does not violate the LJ TOS, which, if it is following the community rules, it shouldn't.

You're all (insult of choice) and I hate you! You're only doing this because you can't write!
Yes. And I cry myself to sleep every night with this horrible knowledge. But your fic is still sporked here.